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Packaging Tapes & Dispensers

Buy Strong adhesive, Airtight, Anti-image, Parcel Packaging Tapes from Brown, Clear, Masking, Fragile to Double Sided Tapes 48mm / 66m (1" inch, 2" inch, 3" inch). Packaging Tapes 48mm Also known as '2 inch tape', 48mm packaging tape is the most widely used size of tape in the UK as it can accommodate a wide variety of sealing requirements. Perfect for sealing cartons, boxes, bags and packages it provides a secure seal for items in storage and in transit. Available in clear or brown (brown tape is also known as "buff tape"), brown vinyl tape, clear sealing tape, packaging tapes, fragile tapes, masking tape, masking tapes, green tape, red tape, crossweave tape, double sided tape, low noise tape, low noise packing sealing tape, packing parcel tape, carton packing tape, carton sealing tape, vinyl tape, brown tape along with tape gun dispenser.