1. How are Different Types of Kraft Paper Transforming the Packaging Industry?

    Protecting items that are to be shipped and transported is becoming crucial and important for businesses. With the rise of E-commerce platforms and shopping websites, it is very important today that products are packed in such a way that they can be delivered in its original form to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The packaging industry in the last few decades has taken bounds and leaps in terms of technological and scientific advancement to come up with smart and creative packaging solutions for all industries. There are a number of packing material options available for any business to choose from for shipping out the products to its customers. Among the very many options is kraft paper packing material, which has numerous versatile uses and benefits. It is manufactured from wood fibers in a process called kraft pulping, which results in a much stronger and tensile paper. The pulp produced during this special kraft process is stronger beca

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