How To Track & Trace Your Wellpack Europe Order


After placing your order on the website, you would receive Two emails:


1 - First email would contain Full Order Details.



Your order #100001234

Placed on ..... at ..... GMT


2 - Once your order is dispatched, you would receive a second email showing full Shipment Details.




Your Shipment #100004321

Order #100001234


From this Shipping Email, Scroll Down to the very bottom until you see something like this:


Shipped ByTracking Number
DPD 1550123456789


If you have not received your Order Shipment Email, please log in to your account on the website and click on the order and scroll to the delivery & shipping section.


Simply copy the Tracking Number and head onto the Carrier website (for example if it is shipped through DPD, go to dpd track and trace and enter your tracking number as appear in the Shipment Email.


The results on the carrier website will show Full Tracking Information including Time & Delivery Status.


If your order is not arrived in time, please contact Wellpack at [email protected]

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