Can You Recycle Bubble Wrap Or Is Bubble Wrap Recyclable

Yes, Bubble Wrap is a Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Film Made from 100% LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Granules / Raisins.

Bubble Wrap is a Fully Recyclable Plastic Packaging Film used to Protect and Wrap around the products / items requiring low cost alternative to Packaging / Packing while Moving house or General purpose.

It is an ideal packaging product that can be used without any professional training or skills for packing, wrapping, greenhouse or cushioning any fragile or delicate items for home, office, shops, warehouse, commercial & industrial purpose.


Is Bubble Wrap Static or Anti Static

Bubble wrap generally comes in two grades, one is static bubble wrap (often referred to as Standard Bubble Wrap Roll) and other is Anti Static Bubble Wrap.

Static or Standard Bubble Wrap is a widely used clear plastic film wrap in the market however, it is not suitable for Electronics and the kind.

Anti Static is often used for electronics such as, mobile phones, computers, laptops and other electrical items however, it can still be used similar to a standard bubble wrap.


Bubble Wrap Size, Colour, Shape & The Best use For:

Standard Bubble wrap generally produced and comes in White / Clear / Transparent colour while Anti Static Bubble Wrap generally produced in Non-White / Non-Clear colour to differentiate from the Static Grade, it is usually produced in Pink, Blue or Green colour, however it can still be produced in white / clear.


Bubble Wrap Roll comes in two Bubble shapes one is Small Bubbles and the other is Large Bubbles.


Bubble Wrap Sizes

The Standard Size of Bubble Wrap is divided into the following widths:


300mm / 30cm

500mm / 50cm

600mm / 60cm

750mm / 75cm

1000mm / 1m / 100cm

1200mm / 1.2m / 120cm

1500mm / 1.5m / 150cm


These are the standard width size of the bubble wrap while the length of the bubble wrap can vary however, you will find that the following lengths are generally supplied and available:





Moreover, most sellers of Bubble Wrap generally supply Large Bubbles Rolls in 50m length while Small Bubbles Rolls are supplied in 100m length due to courier delivery and dispatch limitations and obstacles.


Bubble Wrap is a cheap / low cost plastic packaging film wrap used for everyday use for example, packing, wrapping, moving house, storage, removal, shipping, parcel, mailing, postal, postage, mail, greenhouse, garden, tv, china / crockery, household items, artwork, paintings, glass frames, relocation, furniture and others.


Where to Buy Quality Bubble Wrap

You can purchase Bubble wrap near your premises for example through Post Office or high street shops such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Wilko, Argos etc.

You can also buy Bubble wrap Online and get Next Working Day Delivery through Wellpack Packaging etc.

Usually, the sellers selling online will be more cheaper as they have less expense than the traditional high street shops.


Finally, Bubble Wrap is a great plastic packaging film that protects everything and is cost effective and affordable for everyone for everyday use.


Manufacturer of Bubble Wrap in UK / London

Wellpack is an official manufacturer and producer of Bubble Wrap in London (based in Park Royal, Heathrow Airport) and a supplier throughout the country as we cover all regions for supply of Standard Static and Anti Static Bubble Wrap Rolls.



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