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Wellpack Europe / About Us

20 years of packaging experience, 125,000 thousand items "in stock" at our well established 20,000 Square Feet Facility in the Heart of London and we have a team of professionals to help you find the right solution for your item needs.

We are the UK’s Leading Packaging Manufacturer & Supplier for Packaging & Stationary Supplies (over 17,500+ different products to choose from) with lowest prices and best quality available in the market.

Wellpack Europe As a manufacturer of Polyethylene Bubble Wrap including Anti Static Bubble Wrap & Standard Bubble Wrap Rolls, Paper Packaging, Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Cartons, Single Wall and Double Wall Cardboard Carton Packing Moving Boxes, there is no issue of quality as we can produce bespoke and stock sizes at any time to service our customer needs.
We have state of the art technology for recycling from our production processes while the company offers a wide range of packaging & stationary products from, Bubble wrap, Cardboard boxes, corrugated rolls, moving kits, tapes, bubble envelopes, Polyethylene Low Density Foams, mailing bags, office supplies and much more.
We also have exlcusive Printing capabilities for our brand customers to ensure their brand is visible on all packaging products at a cost effective price as it is the core principal for our production lines as we can print any texts, logos, artworks on the products.
We have supply availabilty of full Truck loads everyday as we service throughout the country.

We believe in QUALITY & SERVICE which makes us the leading Packaging & Stationary Brand in Uk.
Wellpack Europe LTD
Business Location: London Heathrow